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That way, when you do come across a flea market find or artwork that speaks to you, you can continue to layer. Stripes are a time-tested tool in creating the illusion of length. Use stripes to your advantage and look for décor that will help elongate with visual lines. Generally, aim to run your stripes in the direction that needs the extra length.



Furnishings that serve double duty are big lifesavers in studio apartments. This corner nook is a great place to hang out when you have a guest, but you can also use it when working from home or as a dining table. Designer Krsnaa Mehta painted each wall in his apartment a bold jewel tone, hung meaningful artwork, and blended tons of fun prints. The actual furniture pieces, though bold in design, feature sleeker profiles so they don't take up too much physical space.



Make sure to keep your designs and elements light and simple so as to not pull the space down. I downsized from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom with a little study nook. Love that it’s forcing me to get rid of stuff that I haven’t used in years. Bit of initial pain as I didn’t get rid of it before I moved but gradually selling it all so making a bit of extra cash whilst paying significantly less cash on rent. For how often I have visitors stay having a whole extra bedroom makes zero sense too. I have had a large beautiful house and I can honestly say I felt more alone in that house than I do in my downsized home of 1750 sq ft.



They give off much better color than overhead lights do, and they help you control shadows that shrink spaces. It opens up a room, making it feel airy and light, calm and serene. Painting the walls and ceiling the same shade of white only enhances this cloud-like effect. And it serves to blur the boundaries between wall and ceiling, causing your eye to travel up, essentially making the ceiling seem higher. Finally, in small spaces that can quickly become cluttered looking, white is a good choice because it simplifies a space and emphasizes the architecture.



Look at different options to see which one gives more room for you and the way you live. You’d be amazed what a different layout can do to the feel of a cramped room. Well, what looks like a small home on the outside can be quite roomy on the inside if you have the resources and are willing to apply a little elbow grease. Taking out unnecessary doors and walls (avoiding load-bearing ones) will definitely open the place up. Of course, don’t let yourself get carried away and accidentally turn your home into an amusement park funhouse - remain strategic and play around with arrangements. I lived in an earthquake state for over 15 years with open shelves, etc. "Earthquake glue" held many treasures, large and small, firmly in place.



These patterns will only create chaos in a small space. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. When it's time to buy a sofa, a rug, bedding, or curtains, remember to keep things simple and safe and stick to solid colors. They bounce light off of windows, tricking the eye into thinking the space is much brighter and bigger, as exemplified in this apartment designed by Shari Francis. You may not have MUCH space, but you can organize the space you DO have however you want. Maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers a hammock, or a whole lot of decorative pillows, or a couple of rocking chairs under a homemade loft bed. You have the ultimate carte blanche to be imaginative about how youfeng shui your home.



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